Weekend Bike Training

What brilliant weather we’ve had this weekend! So Team Theo had no excuse but to get on their bikes and get some miles in whilst attempting to get a tan which resulted in getting some dodgy tan lines!

Richard and Craig were wearing their Brain Tumour Charity jerseys with full pride on Sunday morning as they clocked up a total of 25 miles and even had time to squeeze in a cheeky pint after as a reward. Well done boys! If you’re interested in the route they cycled then do get in touch and we can send you more details. They managed to average 11 mph, so we’re guessing that excluding any breaks, we’ll complete the 95 miles in around 10 hours on our first day cycling from Milan to Torino, wishful thinking? Well we’re still in our early stages of training so we’re excited to see how this improves over the next few months.

As for the only girls on the expedition, Shirleen and Marchessa cycled both on Friday and Monday totaling 25 miles. The girls have the least amount of experience in the group but made great progress with averaging around 10 mph. So far we haven’t had any falls but we’re sure it will only be a matter of time!

The Team Theo Group will be training again this Sunday so look out for us if you’re out and about and show us your support! Take a look at how much we’ve raised so far on our Just Giving page where we have new fundraisers involved who are running their own events in support of our challenge. We’re now on £1200! Thank you everyone!




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