Beads of Courage

Beads of Courage


Throughout Theo’s Chemotherapy treatment, Theo was given a Bead of Courage.  This is a charitable programme rolled out across the UK by the Be Child Cancer Aware Charity.  These beads of courage are colour coded to represent something that Theo had to be brave about.  Each bead tells a story, Theo’s journey of having to endure such harsh treatments.

We worked out that Theo has approximately 416 beads and over the course of his 18 month treatment, that meant receiving on average 23 beads a month! Each one collected has a story behind it reminding us all of the intense treatment he had to go through.

When shown the beads of courage, people are often shocked how long the bead chain is.

To give you an idea of what these beads mean I have shown the key few on Theo’s beads:

Black Beads: Pokes Blood draws

White Beads: Chemo infusion

Yellow Beads: Overnight Stays in Hospital

Rainbow Bead: Physiotherapy

Red: blood product transfusion

Orange: Central Line insertion: Orange

Dressing Changes: Grey

Surgery: Blue Star

Birthday Bead:  In Hospital on a birthday

What a journey Theo has been through! It’s so easy to forget how many transfusions, chemo sessions, blood draws and many other visits Theo has had during his treatment when you just want to get to the end. Theo’s journey is far from over and we have to prepared to go through this all again at any time. There is a 70% chance that within the first two years of treatment that there may be a re-growth and Theo will be back starting the whole process again.

Despite everything Theo has been through, he’s so proud to wear his Beads of Courage and it’s a reminder to us that these beads show us just what one child goes through before any repeat treatments, multiply this by the number of children affected every year and it would be one very long string of beads!

That’s why your help is so important to help the research into Paediatric Low Grade Brain Tumour carried out by the Brain Tumour Charity, please share this story or donate now to show your support!


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